Have you ever wondered what goes into designing and publishing a website?

Someone said to me the other day “I can make my own website. There are lots of places where you can get a cheap website. I saw one the other day and it was only a couple of hundred dollars for a five page site.” I sat with them in front of the computer and we had a look at the offer in depth. It included a domain name and hosting and five pages that were basically blank. You could select a template that had predefined areas to enter information. It also included a couple of email addresses and an ongoing fee of $200 per year.

The one we looked at had a try before you buy so we started theprocess. There was a website builder click and type interface to let you create the website you wanted. We started off on page one. Firstly we need some information to enter into the website. This took about half an hour to draft up. Now for some suitable photos. We would probably have to take some suitable photos later. How about a map. Set it up on google,aps and link it in, resize it, recentre it. My friend then said, I dont like the photo at the top I have a better one here – upload it oops wrong size, resize it adjust it, looks great.

After about two hours we had a reasonable looking first page, just need some more information and a couple more pictures. I left my friend to complete the site. I checked back in a month later to see how it was going. “Haven’t really had time to do anything.” was the answer.

Don’t fall into this trap. Give us a call on 02 4447 8405 and get a professionally built website in just a few weeks.

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