This post is to just let everyone know that not only do we do all things Computers and Websites. We also can assist with all things business stationery: Brochures; Business Cards; Letterheads, Letters with proofreading by an expert in the English Language; we can assist students who are at TAFE doing assignments that requires use of any of the following Microsoft Office suite, Word, Publisher, Power Point, Excel and some basic Access. None of this is free of course but the charges are very nominal. This sort of work is billed at less than John’s usual rate. We have just recently worked with Hunt Removals on their latest brochure that will be going out for mail out. In the design of the brochure as well as ensuring that their letter on the reverse side sounded as best as it possibly could. We also made sure that it is going out with no spelling mistakes, grammatical issues and that the letter reads well. ┬áThis is what Natalie at Hunt Removals had to say about working with us:

“I am really thrilled to have worked with you too! Thank you so much for your exceptional service. We will recommend your services to anyone requiring computer/graphic design assistance. “