Do you have; Do you need;
A slow computer?  A new computer or notebook?
A dead computer? To share files or printers via networking?
A network that isn’t working?  Internet Setup or advice?
An internet connection that isn’t working?  Virus protection?
An empty space that needs a computer in it?  Help with all your computer problems

 Call Micro Maze 02 4447 8405 – Computer Problems – Solved

If you just want a cheap computer, check out Dell or Harvey Norman. If you want a computer solution then call Micro Maze. There is nothing wrong with the computers Dell or Harvey Norman sell – the problem is getting them set up and working the way you need them to work. Micro Maze is happy to help you out if you have bought a computer from someone else. We will, for a fee, make sure your computer is up to date and well protected and isn’t running software you don’t need. Micro Maze is committed to supporting your computer experience. If you are having a problem we can log into your computer over the internet and either fix your problem or show you how to do a particular task. This service isn’t restricted to normal shop hours and distance isn’t an issue.

Micro Maze has expertise in net working, Web Site creation and maintenance, Voice over IP (cheaper phone calls) and connecting to the internet in all sorts of situations. We also sell a large range of computer associated equipment such as printers, web cameras, surveilance cameras and software. We don’t sell what we have in stock – we sell you what you need. Computer Problems – Solved Take advantage of the $99 virus/spyware removal service. Call 02 4447 8405 if you live in the Nowra area and your computer is running slowly or erratcally. Computer Problems – Solved.

We currently support businesses and households in and around the Nowra area from Berry to Ulladulla including Jervis Bay, Vincentia and Huskisson and the St Georges Basin/Sanctuary Point Area.