Micro Maze

Computer Problem Solved
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Micro Maze

Computer Problems Solved
Call 0435 059 005

Sales and Setup

  • Computer sales, support and set up of new systems.
  • Get the computer you need, not the one the salesman wants you to buy.
  • Have the right software and have it setup to your requirements.
  • Advice on technology to meet your needs.
  • Need guidance on your mobile phone technology pre-purchasing ask our technicians first
  • Save money by getting the right combinations for your internet needs
  • Smart phones confusing you? help is available just give us a call
  • We are not a retail store trying to sell you something you don’t need. Before you purchase your technology ask our team for advice and will will give you the information to prepare you for the hard selling salesman.

Repairs and Servicing

  • We get rid of Viruses and Spyware
  • Also we will remove software you don’t need.
  • Then we can upgrade your system to make it run faster..
  • Affordable maintenance with reasonable rates with scheduled calls to ensure your system remains stable
  • Before you spend money on upgrading a system that will soon be to slow with the new, ever changing software. We will advise you of options before you upgrade existing systems to save money in the long term.


  • Our team specialize in Networking.
  • Get connected to the internet.
  • Can also help you use the cloud.
TeamViewer Remote Support

Remote Support

  • Get Help Now Remote support is available to all Micro Maze Customers.
  • Easy to use – let Micro Maze work on your desktop, notepad, tablet or iPad remotely while you watch.
  • Get training and assistance without leaving your home or office.
  • When your system is key to you business and you can’t access your files ring and where possible we can rectify without loss of production unplugging your system and taking to a repairer provided you still have internet access.
  • Multiple users and had a disgruntle employee change their log in or settings? We can log in and change them back
  • Do you need to secure your system after an employee dismissal and not sure how? Call us and secure it today